Monday, February 20, 2012

Super Strong Man - Duccio Sguerri, Italy

NAME: Duccio Sguerri
NATIONALITY: Italian (Carrara)
BORN: Feb 29th 1976
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 90 kg
Category: Small Class
Title Won:  IBFA Italian Championship 1999 2nd place novice.
                   AIC Italian Championship 2003 1st place
                   IBFA Italian Championship 2003 1st place
                   IBFA Eropean Championship 2003 1st place
                   IBFA World Championhip 2004 2nd place
                   World Championships 2007 Eghzee Belgium 1st place
                   AIC Mr. Italy 2007 Sapri Italy 1st place Small Class
                   IBFA  Mr. Universe 2007 Sapri Italy 1st place Small Class
                   IBFA  World Championships 2008 2nd place Small Class

Super Strong Man - Nathan Jones, Australia

Nathan Boyce Jones (born 21 August 1970) is an Australian actor, powerlifting champion, strongman, and retired professional wrestler. Jones held the WWA World Heavyweight Championship once during his stint in World Wrestling All-Stars.

Before his career as a wrestler, Jones was sentenced to 16 years in Boggo Road Gaol for eight armed robberies between 1985–1987, two of which occurred in Tasmania. During the robberies, he became one of Australia's most wanted and ended up serving seven years in a maximum-security prison and one year on work release. While in prison, he was introduced to the sport of powerlifting. Within a short space of time, he became the National Powerlifting Champion of Australia.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Super Strong Man - Derek Boyer, Australia

Derek Boyer (born 14 June 1969 in Lautoka, Fiji Islands) is a Fijian-Australian actor, powerlifter, and strongman competitor.

Boyer has competed 7 times in the World's Strongest Man contest, reaching the finals in 1997. He is the reigning 12 time Australia's Strongest Man, winning from 2000–2011.

Boyer goes by the nickname "The Island Warrior". He has won numerous powerlifting titles in Australia.

Boyer currently holds the Guinness World Record for heaviest truck pulled, after he pulled a Kenworth K104 truck weighing 51,840 kg (114,287 lb - 51.84 metric tons) over a level 100 ft (30.48 m) course in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, on 6 March 2005. He captured his 11th straight Australia's Strongest Man title on 5 June 2010.

Super Strong Man - Bill Lyndon, Australia

Bill Lyndon (born 30 January 1964) is a former Australian strongman competitor. Lyndon is a 5 time winner of Australia's Strongest Man, and a 4 time entrant to the World's Strongest Man competition.

Bill Lyndon was born in Melbourne, Australia. He was one of seven children having five sisters and a brother. He was educated at high school in Melbourne and went on to business college, afterwards becoming a structural engineer. A keen sportsman, he played a variety of sports including Australian Rules Football, American Football, Rugby League, cycling and from the age of 23, powerlifting. His rugby league led him to spend two seasons in Perth and as a powerlifter he won four national powerlifting titles.

Super Strong Man - Dara Singh, India

Dara Singh Randhawa  (born 19 November 1928) is a wrestler and Indian film actor. He was born in a Jat Sikh family of Punjabi background.

He was a wrestler before he started acting in Hindi films in 1962.

He was nominated member of Rajya Sabha by Bhartiya Janata Party during August 2003 – August 2009.

Singh is from the area near the village Dharmuchuk in District Amritsar, Punjab, India. Due to his physique he was encouraged to study Pehlwani, an Indian style of wrestling, in the milked sand wrestling pits called akhara. Dara Singh was a favourite in wrestling tournaments in India. In addition to this, he wrestled on invitation of kings of Indian princely states and wrestled frequently in haats and melas (fairs and carnivals). He successfully competed against some of the greatest names in wrestling history and professional wrestlers in the United States.